About Werewolf Tale


Werewolf Tale follows Alex Stryker, a 19-year-old skateboarding enthusiast.

As the end of summer nears, he and a friend discover a girl attacked and bitten by what Alex thinks is a large canine. Several days later, the same happens to him.

The choices he makes, and the things he does, in response to his new life is what makes up the story of Werewolf Tale.

Origins of Werewolf Tale

Werewolf Tale, as it exists today, was conceived in 2011.

At first, there was no set plot or direction to the story, just a One Year Later short story I'd put together for a Halloween event being held through one of the groups I used to belong to on DeviantART.

It was during the following month of November, during that year's NaNoWriMo, that part of the first draft of the story was written; the first draft was completed in June 2012.

Since then, at least three new, full drafts, of the story have been completed, not including the smaller changes made here and there.

The Protagonist

Alex Stryker The character of Alex Stryker is a product of the many role-playing games I've spent my time with over the years, forum RPGs especially.

In turn, placing him into a story like this was simple; I knew what kind of person he was, so all that was needed were a series of events for him to react to.

What I Wanted From The Story

For Werewolf Tale, I wanted a story that was more of a follow-along, or slice-of-life, type of story. Something exempt from the things that I find eye-rolling or cringeworthy in stories based around lycanthropes, or other supernatural creatures.

I.E., no secret tribes, no superpowers, no character speech suddenly overtaken by animal-themed words like pack, alpha, etc., etc., a protagonist who wasn't blind to the possibility that it was something supernatural that attacked him, and other such things.

No romance was also forefront with this tale. Why? Why not? Too many stories within the YA sphere have this sub-plot, and I've yet to find one whose inclusion of it I liked or thought was beneficial to the story.

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