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...a fantastic story of a young adult facing the realities of becoming a werewolf after being attacked one late-summer evening. What follows is a thrilling and suspenseful story about a guy trying to figure out what he truly is, while also dealing with his family and friends finding out he is a werewolf.

This story is a must-read for werewolf lovers!


...I really enjoyed this book. This is the story of Alex, who is a sentient werewolf. His human side rules his lupine side.

In fact, he is just as capable of playing chess with his friends as eating a bunny. He can even speak. Now how cool is that?...
...First off let me say how much I loved that this was told from a young male perspective. Recently I have read a whole slew of young adult paranormal books where the protagonist was female or where much of the story revolved around a possible love affair. It was intriguing not to see that here.

This is a really unique and fresh take on the werewolf world and it was refreshing to read it...


I enjoyed this work quite a bit! It's so hard to find a decent werewolf story. The true Curse of the Werewolf isn't that they turn into beasts during the full moon, but that they are doomed to be predominately portrayed through sub-par fictional works.

The main strength of you (sic) story is that the protagonist is very believable. Seeing Alex immediately diagnose his condition after the attack was great. Not so much in the sense that it was an incredible piece of deduction; I would think that almost anyone living today that was even remotely familiar with fiction would do the same. It's great because so many authors feel the need to dumb down their MC's [Major Characters] or make them ignore the obvious, usually as some kind of trite method of building suspense...

Fur Affinity

Awesome story, very well done. I look forward to reading the sequel, this story just gets better with each chapter.